Kaunis Iron AB ships approx. 2.2 million iron ore across Narvik Harbor via Narvik Bulkterminal As at Skarvenes.
Until 31/12/23, ALS GLOBAL, Rotterdam performed all tasks for Kaunis Iron in connection with the shipment/sampling.

After negotiations with Kaunis Iron from the autumn of 2023, we reached an agreement whereby North Maritime AS, with effect from 1 January 24, took over all tasks on behalf of Kaunis Iron for the sampling of ore that is shipped beyond Narvik Bulk Terminal at Skarvenes. The agreement with Kaunis Iron applies for one year with annual renewals.
Briefly, the sampling concerns the control of the moisture of the cargo that is loaded on board the ships. Likewise, it must be ensured that the position/angles of the cargo in the cargo spaces are within given parameters. If the percentage humidity of the cargo exceeds a given level, this will put the ship’s maritime safety at risk, with the risk that human life and the ship may be lost during the sea voyage.

The requirements for carrying out such sampling are therefore very strict. In addition to ISO 9001 approval (requirement from Kaunis Iron), we had to be approved by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate under the following ISMBC code:
“Approval of procedures for sampling, testing and controlling the moisture content for solid bulk cargo which may liquefy in accordance with paragraph 4.3.3 of the ISMBC code.”
We received such approval from the Norwegian Maritime Directorate on 9 January 24 with effect until 9 May 24.

We now have an application for an approval period of 5 years. The Norwegian Maritime Directorate has verbally stated that such approval is being issued and will be sent to us within a short time.

The sampling agreement with Kaunis Iron makes a good contribution to our economy.

Tor Husjord

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