North Maritime AS was established August 2017, located in Narvik, Norway. We primarily offer our services in the north of Norway and the Arctic.

Due to our expansions we have opened offices in Harstad. Lødingen and on Myre.

The company is established and run by highly qualified with long experience within the maritime industry.

From the 13th March 2019 North Maritime AS is appointed as Recognized Security Organization by the Norwegian Coastal Administration.

As per 1st July 2019 Schjerven Teknisk Bureau AS has joined forces with North Maritime AS in Narvik. Schjerven Teknisk Bureau AS will discontinue their current operation – their people, expertise and experience being incorporated into North Maritime.

Company Policy


North Maritime AS must deliver services within the core areas at the right price and quality, in close
collaboration with the customers’ wishes.

Our reputation must be based on the ability to implement and good solutions.

We must communicate and make our policy known to all our employees and hired

Through continuous improvement, we will ensure that we will be a little better tomorrow.

We undertake to satisfy the requirements of NS-EN ISO 9001:2015, relevant laws and regulations, and other
environmental and quality requirements set out in our policy.

Quality policy

We must always deliver well-executed work so that our clients are satisfied with our efforts and prefer us next time.

We achieve this through:

  • good planning 
  • doing the job right the first time
  • having motivated and skilled employees

Health and safety policy

Our employees are our most important resource and we must make sure that everyone comes home safe and
sound after their assignment and working day. Safety has the first priority.

We achieve this through:

  • to have a spotlight on the state of security and tidiness.
  • to have sufficient and appropriate protective equipment available.
  • wellmaintained equipment and means of transport.
  • to care for each other and achieve good well-being among the employees.

Environmental policy

We must take into account the surroundings we are in and do the least possible damage to nature

We achieve this through:

  • to work to increase competence throughout the organization about our impact on the environment.
  • carry out systematic work to prevent pollution and emissions into nature.
  • be innovative by constantly looking for more efficient and resource-saving solutions.

This policy applies to all employees of North Maritime and our suppliers/contracted workers.